NPC History

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Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, National Property Consulting Group (NPC) is owned by Pete Madson and Ben Bartel, both Professional Engineers.

The company was originally founded in 2004 as Express Property Assessments by Tim Meisel, an Environmental Scientist, and Rick Riess, a Civil Engineer, after careers at a leading engineering and environmental consulting company. Pete, a Structural Engineer, joined the company as a partner in May 2005 and as a result of an expanding client base and geographic service areas, Express Property Assessments changed its name to National Property Consulting Group (NPC) shortly thereafter.

Ben, a Mechanical Engineer with considerable engineering and energy consulting experience, joined NPC in 2007 and established the company’s Chicago branch office.

In 2008 during the great recession, the two founding Partners, Tim and Rick, left for greener pastures and Pete and Ben became Partners.

In 2022, the Partners welcomed Rusty Friend, PE, who came on board to establish NPC’s Energy Engineering Services division.  The company further diversified in 2023 by adding Anthony Zink, who founded its Construction Services division.

NPC is growing to meet the complex demands of today’s real estate clientele.  The company is adding engineers, architects, building controls specialists, and project managers who enjoy taking on multi-faceted projects and collaborating with both colleagues and clients.

NPC is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2024.

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