Specialty Assessment

Buildings are complex so it is inevitable that problems occur at some point, either from construction defects, aging, and/or damage. Water intrusion, mold, roofing, curtain wall, paving, cracking, and other problems can take time away from operating your business and result in tenant complaints. Contractors can perform the repairs, but building experts are needed to make accurate and reliable assessments.

Traditional architectural and engineering firms are experts at designing buildings, but not necessarily at assessing and repairing problems with existing buildings. NPC’s building consulting team specializes in evaluating problems with buildings and developing repair strategies that will solve the problem and extend the lives of building systems. NPC understands that you have guest/tenant issues, budgetary constraints, and future plans for the building. As such, NPC will provide you with options so that you can make a confident decision based on your concerns, your budget, and your plans for the building.

NPC helps you:

  • Assess the symptoms and remedy the problems causing the symptoms
  • Evaluate occupant concerns and assess accordingly
  • Budget and prepare for future maintenance activities
  • Discover building system issues before they become problems
  • Identify qualified contractors
  • Monitor the contractor’s work
  • Protect your building investment
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