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Saving energy is important for many reasons, especially for the bottom-line. Our team audits hotels and affordable housing complexes to determine not only the usual energy savings opportunities (i.e. lighting upgrades), but the more complicated and creative opportunities that provide operational efficiency and better building comfort (i.e. downsizing an oversized HVAC system at a large hotel or constructing a commercial laundry facility with tunnel-washers at a resort). Using mechanical engineers that specialize in the specific property type and have deep insight into how that type of property operates, we deliver realistic options, budgets, and potential savings with our audits that also align with our clients’ operational philosophy and investment plans for the property.

NPC can also help you implement the energy upgrades from small “low-hanging fruit” to large and complex projects such as replacing a central plant by managing the project, contractors, etc. and securing energy rebates for even more savings.

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