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National Property Consulting Group (NPC) is a nationwide building assessment and advisory firm, which specializes in the hospitality, industrial, and affordable housing sectors. Our team is composed of experienced structural and mechanical engineers, architects, ADA specialists as well as façade and roofing experts. We excel in helping our clients make informed decisions by listening to their concerns, understanding the issues, and providing unbiased, independent, and reliable assessments and solutions.

With an unsurpassed reputation for quality, integrity, and reliability, some of the best-known and most respected commercial real estate companies in the U.S. as well as Canada have been relying on NPC’s assessments and recommendations to make critical capital and building decisions.

Founded in 2004, NPC is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and also has a branch office in Chicago.

Why Choose NPC?

+ Customized Approach

We understand that each project is unique and that off-the-shelf services and solutions are not always best suited to our clients’ needs and objectives. Our mission is to simplify our clients’ job by providing services that are customized to their business operations and maintenance philosophies. We also strive to facilitate our clients’ decision-making process by presenting all findings and recommendations in a clear and easy to understand format without ever compromising accuracy or reliability.

+ On-time Execution

We also understand the complexity of commercial real estate transactions and how critical the timely delivery of all due diligence services is to the success of a deal. With this in mind, we developed processes, which allow us to respond quickly to any client request, from the initial contact all the way to delivery and follow-up.

+ Unwavering Focus on Quality & Reliability

NPC performs every project, from the initial contact to delivery, with an unwavering focus on our clients’ needs and the quality of service they deserve, expect, and need. We understand that technical accuracy is a vital component of the services we provide, but it is only one of many other components that define the quality we strive to provide on every project.

In an effort to help our clients minimize their liability and exposure to risk, NPC conducts some of the most thorough due diligence assessments in the industry and consistently delivers highly detailed and insightful reports.

We are committed to performing all requested services in a professional manner. When you choose NPC, you receive the expertise of a world-class company with the accessibility, responsiveness, and high-touch service of a much smaller firm.

+ Unsurpassed Depth of Experience

Every project is led by an NPC Principal and is staffed with our team of highly experienced structural and mechanical engineers, architects, ADA specialists, and façade and roofing experts who understand our clients’ business needs, schedules, and operational philosophies.

With an exceptional depth of experience, our staff has worked on a broad range of projects, assessing and also planning, designing, and coordinating repairs and other recommendations. Our expertise spans a variety of commercial real estate properties, from small boutique hotels and warehouses all the way to expansive resorts and amusement parks, which makes us uniquely skilled and qualified to assess even the most complex properties.

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