ADA Ramp

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) can be complicated, especially with the enactment of the 2010 Standards. There are many nuances that determine the level of compliance and we have found that many hotels, even those constructed in the last few years, have many areas out of compliance.

We focus our ADA services on hotels by performing partial to full ADA assessments of every area of the hotel property to determine compliance and requirements/budgets to comply. Our ADA assessments are performed for buyers of hotels in order to determine the level of compliance and budgets for required modifications, for hotel Project Managers prior to renovations so that their Architect/Designer knows what modifications to make, and for owners at the requirement of their Brand.

The NPC team has performed full ADA assessments on small select-service hotels with under 150 rooms up to the 1,000- room Diplomat Hotel and Resort (including the golf course).

Our team has considerable experience performing the Hilton HWI ADA Survey, which Hilton requires of their franchisees. This survey involves measuring very specific items, preparing online forms, developing remedial actions/timelines, and including over 800 photographs. Some hotels do try to complete this survey with in-house staff and although it can be done, completing a full ADA survey tends to be a significant undertaking as it usually takes many days of staff time to learn and perform the survey and prepare all the online forms required, not to mention the 800+ pictures. In addition, because the staff has not been trained in the specifics of the ADA, there is a higher risk of measuring improperly and not recognizing the nuances in order to be accurate.

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