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A Green Property Condition Assessment (GPCA) is a similar to a traditional PCA, but with a very specific objective to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency, maximize water efficiency, re-use and recycle materials where practical, and safeguard the indoor air quality of the building. A Green PCA estimates costs using both “traditional” and “green” principles. Green PCAs typically also include an Energy Audit.

GPCAs began in the affordable housing industry by HUD OHAP as a part of the Mark-to-Market Program. NPC performed many Mark-to-Market PCAs during the early and mid-2000’s when one of our clients asked us in 2007 to try and “Green-up” one of the PCAs that we recently completed affordable housing complex with 892 units. She told us that OHAP was trying to figure out what the protocol might be for such an assessment. As a result, we believe NPC prepared the first ever Green PCA.

HUD OAHP rolled-out the Green Retrofit program as a part of the Stimulus Plan in 2007 and NPC was able to capitalize on our early experience and ultimately performed GPCAs/GRPCAs at about 42 properties representing 6,885 apartment units, including what we were told to be the very first official GPCA.

In reviewing other consultants’ GPCAs/GRPCAs later on, we found that many actually took and used our format for their reports.

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